This is the interpretations for two story:

Candlelight by Gabriella Sloan (above)

Street lamps through stained glass 
illuminate a sanctuary flickering with antiquity  
where wicks sputter under a cadence of liturgy
where wax that used to pool, slips
to burn palms and melt down sides 
Here, in this sanctuary, flames are fueled 
only by shards of tainted light

Glow by Amy Jones (bellow)

I sing the corners of your smile,
your eyes brimming with light,
the full throat of your fattest laugh,
and skin so smooth I fear (yet hope)
mine leaves indentations in its wake;
but most of all your spirit’s glow that sparks
songs in my soul where it never dreamt to hear.

For poem Glow I chose love between grandfather and his granddaughter. My memories of my grandfather. Look bellow