Fareham College - Advertisements & Posters
I was lucky enough to be asked to do two weeks work experience where I studied at college. Along with my two week period I was asked to design a range of posters and advertisements. 
Reception Posters
These posters were put up in the reception area of the college. 
Front-board Poster
This is an A1 poster that is placed just as you walk into the college. 
Gosport Pontoon Advert
The advert is being placed on the Gosport side ferry pontoon where busy passengers take the gosport ferry back and forth from Portsmouth. 
Newspaper Adverts
Adverts being put into local newspapers around the college areas. 
Road Side Adverts
These posters are put next to the main road alongside the college. 
Mall Banners
Banners to be displayed along the inside of the main building. 
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