„She leaned and picked the flowers. Brought them closer to the mouth, caressed her blushed cheek with them.” Mihail Sadoveanu
Blush is a family of vases that pay tribute to simplicity and innocence. The simplicity of the pleasure of arranging flowers in a favorite vase; the innocence of keeping the memory of a kind gesture. The gradient adds a scent of delicacy, evoking the subtle perfumes and colors of flowers. 
The vases are meant to host flowers of all sorts. The three sizes are designed so that flowers whether tall and sturdy, small or fragile - will find their place in one of the vases.
The simple and organic shapes of the vases complement the flowers, without eclipsing them, putting even more emphasis on the aesthetic contribution that flowers bring to a room.  
Snowflake, Lily of the valley, Hyacinth
Tulips, Peonies, Lilac
Daffodils, Roses, Gladiolas
Manufacturing techniques with casting red clay. The vases are hand painted and glazed.