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Haudegen beer
In the new lineup of Haudegen beer faced two epochs. The ancient tradition of brewing and uncontrolled club parties. Months spent in the basement of the monastery and non-stop crazy night party.

Two major problems are solved while design creation:
- To combine modern, trendy design approach in solving the traditional approach for beer
- To visualize the taste of beer in the package

Coca leaves & others
It is made from malt, yeast, hops and soaked coca leaves, with no additives or preservatives.
This is a highly fermented white beer with five per cent alcohol content, unfiltered, unpasteurised, and has the moderate aroma, colour and flavour of coca leaf and hops.
Ale pepper
Golden to amber brown in colour, roasted black peppercorn is all over the aroma, some fruitiness from the Germany yeast strain. Quite fruity in aroma, pepper aroma is great, not at all like smelling black corns, not as stingy as one would expect, touches of caramel and toffee. Orange peel along with spice, sweetness from the malt, mild hoppy bitterness keeps this beer well balanced.

Ginger porter
A traditional Porter recipe brewed with fresh root ginger. A medium-bodied, smooth, dark ale with a mild roast character and a fresh, zingy finish delivered from the fresh root ginger.

All pattern and logo light in the night.