Digital Image Retouching
Wedding 2 - Before Photo

Wedding 2 - Revised Photo

Replaced grandmother's face with a better shot composited from a group photo of the entire family
Gently softened wrinkles
Minimized heavy blue tones and shadows
Wedding 1 - Before Photo
Wedding 1 - Revised Photo

Removed red and brown blotches from father's face
Softened the heavy shadow on the left side of the bride's face
Cleaned up foliage in background
Brightened skin tones
Actor's Head Shot  - Before Photo
Actor's Head Shot - Revised Photo

Removed heavy wrinkles from t-shirt
Adjusted skin and hair tones
Slimmed arms slightly
Real Estate 1 - Before Photo
Real Estate 1 - After Revisions

Removed animal horns from brick wall, brightened ceiling, and windows
Real Estate 2 - Before

Real Estate 2 - After
Removed artwork and animal horns, brightened ceiling
Real Estate 3 - Before Photo
Real Estate 2 - Revised Photo

Removed animal horns and artwork, added lamp reflection on wood, brightened ceiling, removed electric cords by the doorway and lamp, created a mask of the French door window panels to show a better patio view in a separate layer. Note: The client was in the process of stripping the woodwork in the entryway so it is a lighter tone. 
Real Estate 3 - Before

Removed branches near the top, removed deep shadows from porches, added blue sky
Real Estate 4 - Before

Removed parking sign from historic Chicago residential building. 
Retail Product
Extensive experience doing precise, complex clipping path work and alpha channels for background removal or compositing.
Digital Image Retouching

Digital Image Retouching

Digital Image Retouching and Photoshop Production


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