H&M LOVES MUSIC - Communication Design

H&M Loves Music
Communication Design

H&M Loves Music is an annual music event hosted by H&M that combines music with fashion. Their goal is to provide a platform for promoting new upcoming artists in music industry and also create a more awesome way for H&M to engage with their loyal customers. The goal of this project is to attract young adult who has great enthusiasm on music and fashion that H&M Loves Music is a one-of-a-kind music festival that not just provides great music but also an event that you and your friends will definitely have a blast together. 
The concept is based on the fact that people always bring their friends to attend this kind of event because they wanted to share every awesome moment with the people they care about. The idea is based on the things that best friends do to each other. For example like fist bump, harmless prank and etc. By using this concept, I created a series of character design in order to make the targets feel more related to these situation.

- Event Poster Design -

- Event Welcome Kit -
Target will receive this welcome kit once they purchase the entry ticket.

- Event Crew Item -

- Sticker for Messenger -
These days most of the people use Messenger to keep in touch with their friends. One of the greatest feature of
Messenger is that there’s a ton of stickers you can choose from to interact with friends. So H&M Loves Music
will be publishing a series of character sticker available for people to download during the event period.

- Official Facebook Page -
A Facebook page will be set up during the event period. The page will constantly updating
the latest info about the event and allowing people to share this event to their friends.