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    A retail space designed with the needs of the baby boomers in mind
Retail Branding capstone project at OCADU 2012- the creation of a unique retail concept, extensive research into the retail category and target consumer, brand development, signage and way finding and advertising campaign.

We as a society are entering a time of change. On an unprecedented scale. Seniors, or people 65 and over were 1 in 13 50 years ago. Now they are 1 in 7. By 2031 these figures will have risen by 42%. What will our world look like then? This will effect everything. Our businesses, our retail environment, design, architecture, healthcare and communication.

Our retail spot is named Continuum. The word “contiuum” speaks of a whole or series in seamless transition. Boomers are in a place of transition… from work to retirement, from constant socialization to increased separation. Continuum will adhere to universal design principles, based on our observations of the current retail market and its accessibility and communication problems. Universal design sets out to design environments and products to be usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life. Universal design emerged from earlier barrier-free concepts, the broader accessibility movement, and adaptive and assistive technology and also seeks to blend aesthetics into these core considerations.

We are in the business of delivering the convenience of a one-stop-shop with the essence of a tight knit community. We will be placed in existing and developing independent living communities in the GTA. Our four departments, dining area and entertainment space will make this a place where people will not want to leave! It will be the destination for shopping, socializing and learning new skills.

Target: Our customers are the aging population (baby boomers 65+ in particular) who desire independent living and aren’t yet ready to acknowledge their infirmities. They are the caregivers of their elderly parents and adult children, used to putting other peoples needs first and their own last. Although the baby boomer cohort makes up 67% of consumers, their needs are being neglected and currently, only 5% of marketing spending is directed to them. Contiuum Mall is specifically designed for thier needs, providing a comfortable and social shopping experience unlike any other.

Advertising Campaign
As designers, we have a responsibility to design for the future. To learn from the old but embrace the new. To design for these people who are being ignored- to design for the boomers. Our group chose the boomers because of the issues facing seniors NOW… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg… the beginning of something much larger. Our retail concept, Continuum, answers the cry for more support and a well suited shopping experience for boomers and beyond.