Tui Beer for DB Breweries
A new look for an old favourite

Tui is a brand loved by many, it had been years since their digital presence got some love, so was treated to a full rebuild.
Content Tui drinkers care about

Our goal was to create a digital experience which delivered the Tui brand and all the antics they get up to. The new site is designed to be fully responsive and entirely content manageable through the use of highly agile widgets and tiles. The brand can keep their finger on the pulse with regularly updated content that can be consumed across all devices.

Using these building blocks we were quickly able to stack up a presentable, functional, and fresh package of digital content for web users which balance up what the brand wants to say, and what their drinkers want to hear.
Converting from consumers to mates

While we were giving the site a facelift, we also took a look under the hood. Utilising Kentico’s Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS), allowed us to tap into a rapt of solutions to give their audience a more tailored experience including Content Personalisation, A/B Testing and Marketing Automation. This allows the brand to better communicate with website visitors, delivering and sorting content for them based on their behaviour and existing relationship with the brand.
Connections, advocacy and sales
With a more isolated view of their digital audience, Tui can start to facilitate a more meaningful digital connection, encouraging brand advocacy and ultimately, sales.