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    A decorative cyrillic typeface.
Chai typefacea cyrillic lowercase decorative typeface
In bulgarian "Chai" (чай) means "Tea"

"Ball terminal" or "Ear" of a letter - a specific circular form at the end of the arm in letters. In bulgarian it is also called "Drop". In my type project a basic place takes exactly this "drop". It appears in all the letters and like a water, lightly curves to form the cyrillic typographic signs.
The whole type picture is similar to knitted lace. Each word is a melodious composition of deep spots and thin like a cobweb lines. In this way, with different combinations and compositions, I generated decorative patterns.
This led to the making of a little book with selected patterns, each made of only one of the letters of the bulgarian alphabet. So in the book are presented 30 patterns. And later these "drops" of "tea" spill over wrapping papers, covers of notebooks, etc.