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    Des Moines IA Tattoo Artist on Getting Your First Ink
Your First Ink: Advice From a Tattoo Artist

Getting your first tattoo can be a very exciting prospect. Tattoos are a great thing they symbolize where we come from and who we want to be. They are meaningful art forms we display on our bodies and as such should not be taken lightly. To get a great tattoo follow these tips from our leading tattoo artist in Des Moines, Iowa and enjoy the results for years to come.
Do not be cheap. A tattoo is an image that will be on your body permanently. Getting a cheap artist is setting yourself up for a disaster. Chances are you might end up as a meme on a fail blog somewhere and no one wants that. That is not to say that you should be extravagant, rather shop around and find out what the fair price for a good tattoo is, ask at various shops and see what kind of work they do before settling on someone. This way you can tell what price is fair for what kind of tattoo.

The next step is to start small. When getting your first tattoo, try and start with a small design first. This is crucial to see how your skin reacts, how it heals, how it absorbs ink and those tiny little details. This may seem trivial but it's those tiny details that make tattooing a great experience. Besides you wouldn't want to invest in a huge piece only to find out your allergic to the ink or the needles.

Do not under any circumstances get tattooed when you are on any drugs. No alcohol or weed or any drugs of that sort. You need a clear mind to be able to see what your artist is doing and whether it is the right thing. Again a fail blog with your tattoo as the main feature is not the best place to be.

Figure out your pain tolerance level. Some people have a really high level of tolerance thus tattoos in areas that could be a lot of pain such as the groin or the ribs are okay for them. If this does not sound like you focus on getting tattoos away from areas like this especially for the first time.

The best time to get a tattoo is in the spring or early autumn. At this point, it's not too hot or too cold, your clothing can be light and depending on where the tattoo is, not covered too much. This enhances the healing process.

Consider the placement of your tattoo before getting one. You might be really excited and want everyone to see it but consider your career and how you might feel after. A neck or sleeve tattoo might not be the best when you are an accountant but are great for creative types. Take these factors into consideration before making your mark.

After getting the tattoo, remember it is crucial to take care of yourself. The tattoo is like a "scar" that is healing. This means you need to keep it clean and aerated at all times.

About Our Des Moines, IA Tattoo Artists

If you've taken anything away from this article, please be sure to thank our tattoo artists out of Des Moines, Iowa for putting this all together for us. They've got years of experience under their belts and have been featured in many publications throughout the world. Thanks for reading and come back soon!