THE WORLD IS Y(OURS)--Here's the sign you've been looking for.

The world is a beautiful place that belongs to all of us. Together we live in it, we share in it, we create in it. The world is ours.

This series began as a collection of landscape photos that I took over a year of traveling. Countless hours in the outdoors gave me lots of time to think of ideas, and this is one of them.

Being human, I naturally question my own thoughts/decisions from time to time. I often look for signs to justify things. One night, I imagined a scene--coming across an actual physical glowing neon sign in the outdoors that read exactly what I needed to hear/see.

As humans, especially artists--we sometimes look for 'signs' that tell us we're going in the right direction. For those of you who have been waiting for a sign, here's the one you've been looking for. The time is now, follow your dreams. Create boundlessly. The world is yours.