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    Our church's annual retreat welcome leaflet
To Dream Again...
our church retreat welcome leaflet
A5 double-sided leaflet, colour and monochrome
As the time for our annual retreat drew near we had a bit of a brainstorming session over what theme to base it around; it was Mercy Matewa's idea to call it "To Dream Again." I loved the idea and volunteered to design the flyer. I wanted an androgynous figure against a starry background and found it on free stock photos site Dreamstime.
I can't resist curly scripts... and the title demanded it. The title font is Edwardian Script, black, then overlaid with a pale yellow 2px bevel, shifted 2px leftwards to create a shadow.
I always use Adobe Caslon Pro for the text for church lealets, etc. Again, I used black text to create a base/shadow, then overlaid it with the same pale yellow beveled at 2px and shifted 2px leftwards. Since this was destined for Vistaprint I made the document A4 @ 300dpi. It scaled beautifully to A5.