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    A fascination with the sea shore, rock, texture, treasures
Devon Rock
Along the sea shore in South Devon
I have long been fascinated with the South Devon coast; the light, the textures of the rock and the rolling hills that fall down to the shore line. The sea is a treasure chest of delights, leaving its gems amongst the rocks, lush vibrant sea weeds, soft lichens, a myriad of sea creatures and the odd human discard; frayed rope, a shoe or a fish head. I spend many hours gazing in rock pools and along the shore line watching the tides reveal and cover once again its rocky coast.
Limpet shells cling to the rock and periwinkles (Littorina Littorea) shelter in the shadier crannys. Sea wrack shrivels in the heat of the sun adorned by scraps of sea lettuce (Ulva)
along the slip way Cladaphora and bladder wrack reach toward the incoming tide
Snake locks anemone, waiting like Medusa...
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