Joint Venture Development
Website, Flyer and Business Card
Joint Venture Development is a remodeling agency based in Flint, MI, that primarily handles home and business repair from fire damage. They handle a wide variety of remodeling and interior decorating projects, and also offer a free house for the client to stay at while their home is being repaired.
This company commissioned me to modify their business card by adding graphics and a QR barcode to the back of the card (Done in Photoshop), while also creating a full color, double-sided flyer (Also in Photoshop), and design an online brochure promoting their business and displaying a portfolio of their work (done in HTML and CSS). All of the graphics were created or modified in Photoshop. The slideshow on the homepage was created using Adobe Flash, while the Slideshow for their portfolio was created using CSS, HTML and Javascript.

For more information on Joint Venture Development, and to see the flash animation, visit their site at
Flyer Front
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Website Homepage
Website slideshow
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