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    Limited edition Nike Foamposite One inspired by LAIKA's new feature ParaNorman. foamposite.paranorman.com
For a couple of months, I've been working on something truly special that now you get to see. To promote LAIKA's new movie, ParaNorman, Nike and Laika teamed up once again (Nike Coraline Dunks being the first). In honor of the ParaNorman launch, I designed a new Nike Air One Foamposite inspired by the movie. The shoes are an exclusive limited edition of 800 pairs available in the US only (sorry Ecuador).

The Foamposites were given away via Twitter to the weird kids of the world and anyone who was ever one. Additionally, to celebrate weird kids, 80 pairs were auctioned off on eBay with 70% of the proceeds going to benefit Lady Gaga's foundation Born this Way and its commitment for youth empowering. 

I'm truly honored to have been able to work on this. This project is very personal to me because it celebrates uniqueness and supports the efforts of people who are working towards a more understanding world. Special thanks to the design gurus at the Nike Innovation Kitchen for their support and everyone who made this happen.
Art direction: Mike Giepert & Joel Colley
Packaging Design: Mike Weihs
Copywriter: Nathan Goldberg
Photography: Kyle Pero.
Spot-varnished type on limited-edition matte box.
Zombie messaging. You will need this translatorhttp://translator.paranorman.com
Shoelace locks in the shape of Norman's slippers (thank you LAIKA for producing these!)
Glow-in-the-dark soles and electric green Nike swoosh and other features with printed smoke pattern reminiscent of ParaNorman's zombie world.
Making typography weird, too, by stacking the type. The stitching pattern is reminiscent of ParaNorman's world
[I based the stitching off Courtney's pink sweater :) ]
Original Penny Hardaway marks.
Glossy "PN" capsules on the tongue, "ZZZZ" pattern on the pull tab and hidden messaging on the shoelace tips.If you own a pair, you will need this translator.
Jagged stitching on the iconic Nike swoosh and Norman's silhouette.
Custom sock liners

A hidden easter egg. If you own a pair, here is a hint: the left shoe.
The sneakers were given away via Twitter. For this, I designed a responsive site optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. Keeping it with the non-traditional theme, the site is horizontal. Only the weird won.