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    Collection of motion graphics created for Keyframe
A collection of various sports animation I have created during my tenture at the motion graphics studio Keyframe (  All of the animations were created for display on large scale LED displays at their respective stadiums.
Red Zone animation created for the Kansas City Chiefs
Generic basketball 3 point catalog animation.
Logo treatment created for the Mississippi State Bulldogs
Defense animation created for the Indianapolis Colts
Firstdown animation created for the St. Louis Rams
Power up animation created for Arkansas Razorbacks
Looping logo treatment created for La Tech
Logo treatment created for the University of Minnesota.
Image of the logo treatment playing during the U of M opening day game.
Television advertisment for local College's sports television program.
Make Some Noise animation created for Iowa State
Make Some Noise being played during a game at Iowa State
Catalog Fan Cam animation. The colors can be customized, the black at the end would be replaced by video of the crowd.