Sovremennik. Mobile First Website Design.
Sovremennik is a new premium building with historical background in the heart of Moscow.

A new project for dynamic people who set a high value on the comfort, quality and time and wish to inhabit in the heart of Moscow. Sovremennik is located within few minutes of walking distance from the theater of the same name at Chistoprudny Boulevard, a popular resort, amid historical lanes.

Redesign web site of unique residential building in the center of Moscow. Show the advantages and features of the project keep in mind the specific mobile screen format.

A cards are easy to use and familiar format for mobile users. We decided to make a cards for each section and display them on the main page.

A cards are scrolled up and down on main page but it is changed to a horizontal swipe when user is inside a section.

We focus users on the most important things and let them to quickly see all sections on the main page to make a choice.

We have improved user interaction of selecting an apartment, using the principle of let sweat machine and made user-friendly filter of all apartments. 

We did a prototype using an InvisionApp, an animation in Flinto, as well as a special icons set. A mobile website design supports the architectural concept of the house.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flinto, Invision

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