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    Every child loves to play. And as a parent we want to provide our children with the best avenue for them to use their imaginations.
Small-Space Playroom Ideas For Kids
Every child loves to play. And as a parent we want to provide our children with the best avenue for them to use their imaginations. So, why not create a space just for them to help channel their inner creativity? Now, you may be saying, our house is just too small. Or, we absolutely just do not have an extra room to convert into a play area. However, what if we told you, that you could integrate a small playroom into the space you already have? In this article, we will share with you several different ideas on how you can help create a small play space for your child. So you can better help them and their imaginations soar.
Attics for starters are a great area to convert into a playroom, and are well worth the investment to finish them off, if you haven’t already. They are the perfect space for small children, because they can easily navigate an attic’s sharp vaulted or low ceiling. Plus, it also allows them a space where they don't necessarily need to control their volume. After all, in the attic does tend to be only for the main part of the house. But, don't fear. You can always add in a monitor so you're able to hear everything that goes on. Another bonus to using an attic is that you're no longer having a wasted space. Instead, you have a brand-new area for your child to better grow and develop.
Another idea to help incorporate a play area for kids if you do not have a lot of space is by adding their own “work desk” into your home office. You can give them their own desk and complete it with a play phone, filing system, and other office supplies. This allows them of fun space that is not only functional, but it's also practical. As they get older it gives them an area to come and work on their homework. You just might want to make sure that rules are in place for when you're actually using your office that they may have to be somewhere else.

If you have a walk-in closet, this can also be a great space for kids. Convert all of your storage to wall shelving, and use the main area for playroom. You can help add life to the room by adding texture to the walls with things such as faux stone panels. This will add a touch of nature to the room, while giving the illusion that you’re no longer in a closet. Also add color and other fun accessories that appeal to your child's interests.
If your child is a little older, another idea you could do is by taking that space next to a big window and adding in a wide bench and giving your child a place to read. This not only will give them their own personal space, but will also help appeal to their intellectual side. Plus, you’ll be providing them with their own little getaway, and let them get wrapped up in the wonderful world of literature.

Another idea for a space is using a back room. Granted, in the past this may have been used for a study you or family hangout area. But, why not let it be both? Again you can add some life and texture to the room by using things such as faux stone panels. These panels will bring a fun element while at the same time giving the room an elegant touch. You can add things that will help appeal to your child's creative side, while at the same time having a space for your entire family. Just make sure if you using this as a playroom to keep a majority of the space open, so your child has plenty of room to play.