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    Series of illustrations for various clients
For Computuer Music Magazine and Dilmunia.
Computer Music Magazine is a title by Future Publishing in the UK. The editor requested some illustrations after seeing my work on MacUser magazine. I sent in the 'CCPU' illo for a project about CPU enhancing music boards, but it was rejected for some random reason - client probably went all 'pussy' - the final solution we reached was such a compromise i can't bare to be ass_ociated with it!! What to do? The second two ('Delay') are for the same magazine for an issue on Delay filters - i prefer the first one but we compromised on the second. 

The last one in the stack is for Dilmunia, a great client here in Bahrain. They didn't go ahead with it as it was based on the theme of 'Mother Earth' as the holding company is Shariah compliant and they didn't want to get into any bother.