Brick Veneer – Makes Home Stylish!
The brick veneer gives a fabulous look to your home. It is light weighted, easy to apply that gives an appealing look. It is applied to a wall without the need of any extra support, and it takes a less space in the room than the ordinary brick installation. Thin brick veneers are used to add style and comfort to the home, without incurring much cost. 

It is available in different sizes, colors, and textures, and is commonly used both inside and out. Many people use it in their home, and it is used in restaurants and bars that look stunning.

Usually, it is used at the fireplace, living area, and room, while some people use in their kitchen. The most common approach of using brick veneer is by treating it like tiles. There are few steps that are involved in the installation process:

1.Prepare the Wall
The first step is to clean the wall properly. The idea behind cleanliness is that due to the dust, it is difficult for the glue to create a strong bond. After removing the dust, create temporary ledger across the bottom of the wall. Ledger helps to keep the thin brick veneer straight.

2.Cut the Bricks into Pieces
Cut the bricks into thin bricks with the help of diamond blade grinder. You won’t need to stop in between while installing the bricks if you already has the pieces with you.

3.Start Installing the Bricks 
Firstly, start the installation at the bottom of the corner. For better fixation, spread the glue over the fall using a notched trowel. Now, use the full brick to the outer edge of the lower corner of the wall. After this, continue half cut brick with the same pattern. Repeat the step with full brick and half brick, to cover the whole wall. This is the common pattern that is used widely. When you fix the bricks, make sure level the bricks is same.

4.Do Leave Space for Grout
Create some space with grout joints between the upper and the lower joint. The space between the bricks gives authentic look on the wall.

5.Apply Grout on the Wall
Continue the same pattern to install the bricks on the wall until you finish. After this, let the brick dry for at least 24 to 48 hours, which is the ideal time. After this, grout in between joints to Portland the cement mixture squeezed with the help of grout bag.

The thin veneer tiles will look gorgeous only when you perform every task properly. The brick veneer fashion can never go out of fashion, so if you ever change your mind to use this décor, simply go for it. Just keep in mind that you do not make any mistakes while selecting the installer. Moreover, to avoid mistakes look for the professionals who have relevant experience in this field. Your home is your place to relax, make it beautiful.