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    Hand painted wooden boards as a personal interpretation of a traditional hand painted trophy targets used by archers and hunters society in 18. a… Read More
    Hand painted wooden boards as a personal interpretation of a traditional hand painted trophy targets used by archers and hunters society in 18. and 19. century. Read Less
Painted shooting targets
 Material: wooden boards, acrylic, metal leaf, calligraphy nibs, ink, bitumen, shellack
Diameter: 49 cm

Painted shooting targets is a project that I started a few years ago influenced by the tradition that was common among European civil archers and hunters society in 18th and 19th century. For competition purpose painters were employed to create original art works which sometimes were used for shooting, and sometimes just as a trophy for a winner.
Some of preserved targets can be found in museums in Croatia, Austria and Italy. They are beautiful in their simplicity, funny and noble at the same time. With mystic and imaginative character they are easily transcending a will to win in to a higher goals.
I wanted to add myself to that tradition so in 2008 I painted around 20 pieces mostly with animal and hunting motifs and Latin proverbs. 
New ones are created in 2012 and they are the part of antomonous concept that I work on.
I'm using  writings above painting that belongs to a traditional Croatian children's songs and nursery rhymes and put them in relation to a painted motif that changes their context. I try to use contemporary concepts that I usually apply on my large format paintings.

"Pliva patka preko Save..."

 This one has a painted motif of a human heart. Very popular children song from my childhood till today sings about the duck that is carrying letter on its head. In that letter is writen that our love is gone and "I don't love you anymore".  So the target is obviously a heart.
"Điha, điha četiri noge..."

 This song sings about a long trip that a child must take. Điha, điha is a riders call, in this case for 4 solid stiff legs that should carry us long way
  "En ten tini..." 

 This is a nursery song that is used for counting rhymes. It is abstract and it doesn't mean anything. It was interesting to give a visual form to a something that is empty and full at the same time.
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"Eci peci pec ti si mali zec...."

 I think about this one as a question of identity and belonging. The rhyme determinates "...I am the little rabbit and you are little squirrel..." . From the early age it's important to recognize yourself under "tribe" that you belong to. And it's important to pick the chosen ones because for the rest the gate of hell opens :O
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"Tiho tiho..."
This lullaby is written by Croatian poet Stanislav Femenic, and the original title of the song is "Before sleep". Song says "Quiet quiet night appears, purely quiet sleep will come...". For this one I used Sacred scarab as a symbol of transformation and rebirth. I changed iconographic sun circle into a medicine tablet and used meds or drugs as a symbolic tool of daily transformation for contemporary man.
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