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    Packaging for Indian take away food
Take Away India
Chaat, Indian food to go
The aim of this project was to develop a packaging focused at Indian take away food in Barcelona. The material is easy to assemble and there's no need of adhesive. Biodegradable PET-coated cardboard was chosen, as it's an eco-friendly material that can be recycled along with normal waste paper. The containers are space saving, reduced to its essentials. It is printed at one color to reduce costs and has graphics inspired at Indian's geometric motifs. Designed for quick street's snacks, has an exclusive shape and size to fit at costumer's open hand as can be seen at pictures below . It includes a carrier for the sauce cup.

"Chaat" means "snack" in hindi.

Project made with Federico Beyer
© Master in Packaging Design ELISAVA, Barcelona, 2011