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Decorating Ideas For A “Romantic” Bedroom
One of the places that you'll find you spend your most time in your home is your bedroom. You start your day here. End your day here. And whenever you need a nap you'll find your way back to your bedroom. Your bedroom is truly the source of comfort in your home. So, why wouldn't you do everything you could to make it the most cozy and inviting place possible, especially, if you have that special someone to share it with? In this article we will help give you some ideas to help make your bedroom extra special, and even give it a more romantic vibe to share with your special someone.

One of the best ways that you can add a romantic feel to your bedroom is by adding soft embellishments such as cloth and lace. You can incorporate these elements in several ways. For instance, you can take simple glass candles and wrap the outside with a lace, and then place them around the room. Not only do candles give off a very romantic vibe, but also the lace adds an elegant touch and softness that will make them even more special. Another way that you can incorporate lace is by redecorating a lampshade. Again, this adds in a touch of softness and elegance, while redoing that old ugly lampshade and giving you a whole new look to your room.
As we said, cloth is also a very good way to add and romance and softness to your room. A great way to incorporate cloth is by making your very own cloth chandelier. You can do this by attaching strips of fabric to a cookie rack and then add in fairy lights. This look brings a dreamy aesthetic to your room. Another way to incorporate cloth, is by getting sheer pieces of fabric, almost transparent, and creating a magical cocoon around your bed by hanging the cloth from the ceiling by using small hooks. Then, use strings of cascading holiday lights to incorporate a romantic soft glow in your bedroom.

You can also incorporate feelings of warmth, comfort, and romance by adding texture to your walls. One of the best wall textures you can add that brings in both warmth and a rustic feel is brick. Now, we know that brick can be expensive, and that is why we suggest that you use a faux brick wall in your room. This way, you will get the exact same look of brick, at a fraction of the price. Plus, faux brick walls are extremely easy to install and are durable. These walls will be the perfect accent to any bedroom, and give it the wow factor it deserves.

Other ways you can incorporate romance into your bedroom are by using love themed decorations. By love themed decorations we mean things like wall art that has your favorite love quotes or sayings. Or, you can have a love and marriage gallery wall that contains your favorite photos of you and your significant other, your favorite sayings about love, your wedding mementos, and more.

Also, you can have other decorations such as cork hearts. Cork hearts are easy to make and add any beautiful and rustic feel that can be placed anywhere throughout the room. Another easy decoration are hearts on a stick, that are placed in a bottle. You can cut these hearts out of different pieces of scrapbook paper, and attach them to sticks. You can embellish the hearts with cute buttons or gems, and then place them in a glass bottle. Along with these decorations, you can also make a driftwood heart wreath. This is a beautiful rustic piece that will look lovely anywhere in your master bedroom year round.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can incorporate to make your bedroom a cozy and loving atmosphere for you and the person you love. Happy decorating!