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All is here guys !

I had enough to multiply projects on my behance page, so I decided to gather all my works between 2010 and 2012. And it's mostly monsters/animals/robots (I'm that kind of man yeah). 

You'll find under many of my images the making off. I know that few people do it, but I like to show the steps of a project, not only to show that I've made all, but either to maybe help beginners and show them from what I start.

So I hope you'll appreciate this crazy stuff !! :)

Images on Shop Modern Age Studio -

Lipton - Everyone's invi-TEA-d (2012)

Cinema 4D / Vray / Zbrush / Realflow / Photoshop

Octopus Bath (2012)

Cinema 4D / Vray / Photoshop

Elephant toilet (2012)

Cinema 4D / Vray / Photoshop

Step by step tutorial (french) :

On a sunny afternoon (2012)

The Road Monster (2012)

Cinema 4D / Vray / Zbrush / Photoshop

The Empire State King (2012)

A little dance (2012)

Zbrush / Cinema 4D / Vray / Photoshop

Dark Machines (2011)

Cinema 4D / Photoshop

Liquid Horses (2010)


Chess and Mat (2010)

Cinema 4D / Photoshop

Tripod in Montreal (2010)

Cinema 4D / Photoshop