We are a group from young people " our ages no older than 16 years old " and our ideas are several so we Present that collection for you ♥ .
****** The collection cover ******
The winter 
By : Mostafa Metwaly Mady
Idea : In that cold days and in the winter and in that cold weather
I wanted to design about the thing which in my mind .
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By : Yehya Ahmed 
Idea : everything in my life crash example my heart .
Take me away .
By : Karim Bakry 
Idea : Transitional my vehicle in a place far away from where I live injustice and omnipotent, I will be the king of myself and I always HIFI far from the dark Composite take me away.
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Before The End 
by : Omar Khaled
Idea: End of the world and some of these pins on the end of the world Before TheDevastation
The future
by : Mohamed Tarek 
idea : The future of fantastic world.
"Pain Treason"
By : Yahya Salman 
" Don't secured for all "
By : Hassan Soliman
IDEA: Don't secured for all, maybe the person who stand in your way who is you think that he is good and who you think that he is bad who be in a state 
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The love
by : Yanal Salman 
Al Quds for our
by : Abdallah Ashraf El-Kholy
Glory of Egypt
By : Seif M. Reda

The last meeting
by : Fares Sabry
Statue Death
by : Mahmoud Mnaa
Circles of love
By : Mohamed Meda
The Treason
By : Abdelrhman Sabry
Beautiful world
By : Mohamed Ragab 
We Hope you liked it ♥
with my best wishes for you ♥
Enjoy during you see