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    Experiments with various media such as Virtual Reality, Interactive Installation, Kinetic Sculpture, XY Plotter
In Progress and/or Unpublished Recent Projects including online blog posts of current experimentation and research with variety of media, aesthetics and technologies.
August 2016 - January 2017
keywords: virtual reality, htc vive, unity, generative spaces, interactive installation, touch designer, kinect, web vr, xy plotter, laser cutter, kinetic sculpture, vive tracker, 3d printing, cinema 4d, x-particles, octane render, motion capture data, organic growth simulation, form studies, immersive media, hyperconnectivity.
more w.i.p. content: instagram.com/cbuyukberber/
Constructs of Connectivity
Two-day VR experiment with generative spaces, HTC Vive and Unity; Constructs of Connectivity.
/ Quick phone recording from my POV, sound by Yagmur Uyanık.
January 2017

Growing architecture: Procedurally generated environment based on a particle simulation.
Multimaterial Form Study for 3D Printing
Meanwhile the serious models are in progress, I've teleported my lunch into virtual world for my first test with Vive Trackers:
Banana Brush 🍌. / 
Music by Lemon Jelly, Homage to Patagonia

MUSE Event Series
The Village, San Francisco
After the first edition of Muse Event Series with a special exhibition by GMUNK, MUSE #02 features new works by Can Buyukberber, including collaborative interactive installations, special 8K screening and Morphogenesis VR experience.
Music: Dear World, NIN
December 30th, 2016

Celestial Collisions,  2016
by Can Buyukberber & ecco screen
Interactive Installation
Generative Tissues,  2016
by Can Buyukberber & Marpi
Interactive Sculpture
the form from "Generative Tissues". Based on an organic growth simulation.
New Digital Print Series
hyper-connected II
hyper-connected IV
a detail from hyper-connected V
a detail from hyper-connected III
hyper-connected I
An experiment with fluid dynamics.
January 2017
Digital sculpture exercises
January 2017
3D Animation with Mo-Cap Data
November 2016
Spectral Vanishings
Computational Drawings
November 2016
Walking in Circle
Kinetic Sculpture
December 2017
Interactive Kinetic Sculpture
October 2016
Spectral Vanishings: Sketches
As a continuation of our ideas in “From Bits to Atoms”, particularly referring to the light work “Vanishing Point”, here are some new minimalistic sketches with old friend Plexus for further form, movement and aesthetic explorations, based on permutations of two point perspective, depth, randomness and space.

More info on From Bits to Atoms
Music: I’m Going Home by Hans Zimmer
August 2016