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    Alice In Wonderland themed tea party—including invitation set, and photographs.
Full invitation set for a Mad Tea Party being held in early June

I've sent out 3 pieces of mail leading up to the event.  First we had the "You are cordially invited" set that went out.  No specific event details were given at that point.  
A few weeks later, the 11"x 17" "Calling Card" was mailed to each guest in a mailing tube (return address from Wonderland, of course).  On the bottom of the poster was the riddle, "Why is the Raven like a Writing Desk?" and each person was given a specific time for when they'd be phoned and asked for their answer to the riddle.  Some event details were then given.
Next, "Drink Me" glass bottles were hand delivered to each guests' front door, and the specific event details were rolled up and placed inside the bottles.