Camellia S.
A wonderful collaboration with the corset maker Atelier Sylphe Corsets
When I first met Joëlle, the genius corset maker known as Atelier Sylphe Corsets, I immediatly wanted to organize a common project. She showed me some creations, and I fell in love with the collection she names "The tea collection". Why? Because she dryed her corsets and skirts with... tea.
My aim consisted in creating a delicate and smooth atmosphere, with beige and cream shades, with two redhead models.
I chose to work with the nice and experimented modelSirithil, who came from Paris in order to share that wonderful shooting with me. And the other ginger princess is Raphaëlle Paris, who lives in Lyon. I met this gorgeous young in... the bus. I'm very impressed by the fact it was her first artistic shooting. Fate is sometimes our best friend.
Some photos of the set are published in the Book 1 of Elléments Magazine. (february 2013)

Models : Sirithil [ ] & Raphaëlle Paris
Stylism : Atelier Sylphe Corset [ ]
Muah & Photographer : Me

Place : Château d'Origny [ ]