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    Sensibleless - Personal project made for pure visual aesthetics, there is no fixed concept.
'Sensibleless' is a project I chose to start in response to witnessing many heavily conceptual artworks, well initially this was the case. My plan was to create a series of drawings which held no intentional meaning, therefore the concept is 'there is no meaning to these images.' My only aim was to imagine imagery I thought would be pleasing to myself and to choose colour combinations that I felt would work effectively together. Since beginning the project I have matured my opinion to deep conceptual art and now appreciate various art more so. Yet that wasn't going to stop me making pointless art :)

The images have been scanned into photo editing software to apply block colour.
Just to clear the title up, I realise it is not an official word, which again is part of the projects point.

I aim to upload additional images, this project is not strictly completed.