There are hundreds of kinds of sausages at the market. It is hard for a new product to show up among such a great variety of goods. To become noticeable to a consumer you need to experiment.
The specialists of the communication group «BunkerMedia» have created Kuber, a new brand of a pork sausage — they developed the name and the packaging design. This is an ideal sausage for sandwiches: when you cut it, you get square pieces, having the same shape as toasts. A non-standard shape of «Kuber» helps the product to stand out on a shelf: Russian consumers got used to the round shape of sausages.
The product packaging conforms to the concept: it is a square cardboard box with a pig's face on it.
It is convenient to lay out «Kuber» on the shelf: the cubes lay on each other well. You don't need a raised edge and any other special devices for laying-out of such sausages: «Kuber» definitely won't roll away!