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    Inlight: a self sustaining sticky LED lamp. In cooperation with: Csaba Kálmán, and Ede Szabó
Inlight self energy generating cupboard lamp
In cooperation with: Ede Szabo, and Csaba Kálmán

Inlight is a self-sustaining sticky LED lamp for lighting up the dark, closable spaces of small apartments. The lamp gains energy from a flywheel dynamo, spinned by a cogwheel connected to the rack of the big spring-strung button on the lamp. When the user opens for example the wardrobe, the button pops out of the lamp, the dynamo spins and the lamp lights up. When the wardrobe door is cosed, the button slips back into the lamp's body and opens the circuit, so it doesn't light unnecessarily. Because of this, the use of Inlight is very flexible, it just needs a closable door to put it on or off.