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    An interactive installation exploring the merger of music and play. This was my thesis project for the University of San Francisco.
As children we openly play with sound. Remember banging on pots and pans, playing with toy drums, and hitting xylophone keys. However, as one grows older our willingness to play with music lessens as we learn of the required skill and practice. I hope to break down the barriers of music’s formality in order to once again encourage playing with sound. I believe play and music can greatly alter one’s mood, encourage creativity, and create a means of both personal enjoyment and communal interaction.

This installation, allows people to create their own music in a playful way through drawing and arranging colored items. Drawings and color blocks can be arranged on a spinning surface, reminiscent to a turntable or record player. The colors are analyzed by a computer program and play a specific sound, allowing users to create and alter “songs.” These songs are rudimentary beats, similar to how children hit objects and instruments without the need of creating a formal composition. Different instruments can be chosen, further enhancing the creative options for users.

I encourage people to explore a new way of creating sound and re-examine their conceptions of play and music. This project explores the ability of music and play to encourage interaction, break social barriers, and heighten creativity.

Technical Details

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