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    A series of pieces I made for fictional dubstep ballet troupe Aubrietia.
La Rose, la Violette, et le Papillon
This was the final project of my 2011 graphic design diploma; we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, so I chose to make up a dance troupe and produce some products for them for their next production.
I gave them the name 'Aubrietia'. An aubrietia is a type of flower found in the United Kingdom, where this group was to hail from. The were unique in the fact that they were a dubstep ballet company, and the pieces I made had to reflect both the electronic, manufactured aspect of the dubstep, and the graceful, fluid, and beautiful constituents of ballet.
For this, I designed them a logo, an A1 poster, a programme, a newspaper advertisement, and an album containing the music they'd use.
Logo. The purple pieces represent the aubrietia flower, which is purple and has four petals.