Forget about it !

As said before, 3D animations are a great option to provide technical information.

In this case, the video we have produced would run on a 7 meters screen behind a speaker, perfectly timed on his speech. That's impressive stuff you might want. 

So here is our advise : Forget about it right away, you'll need budget ($$$ ;-)
Hey, we are talking about cars here, right ?
Driving the future of transportation  

Entertaining and informative presentation of Dow’s offering for transportation as part of the seminar series in Dow’s booth at K 2016 including value propositions and key takeaways.

Dow’s solutions align to the following trends : light weighting, safety and aesthetics.

As a reliable supplier in this market since 1994, Dow’s commitment to transportation is unquestionable.
As said before, drawings are a extremely cost efficient option to present ideas ...
... and pretty precise, as one can see.

Thank you Flo ;-)