Sound and Music design.
Here a screenshot of the music part.
Special mention to the tempo lane and the number of tempo changes.
When the video edit is closed I need to do some tricks to fit the music, and get this sync you can notice on the piece. The biggest change and the one I like most is at 1:02 you can see how it changes from 136bpm to 172bpm.

Listen the music track without sfx.
The elements I used.
-Fm8 synth
Custom patch doing the main arp, at some moment they sound like sfx and they are pretty processed, but they are part of the harmony of the track. 0:58
-Piano muted. 
Inside this track this piano and the fm8 arp does a similar function. You can listen at 0:00
-A classic guitar
I recorded it and glitched as much as possible. 0:39
-A Lap steel guitar
Doing a melody at 0:42
-The bass
Drops at 0:39, there are 2 elements doing the same line, a Diva patch to get some analog feel with an amped electric bass.
 I have some spoons doing a comical rhythm, you can listen to them for example at 1:26
And the main drums, that are a patch with electronic elements but also some acoustic ones, done with reaktor polyplex

Screenshot of the sfx part.
Listen here the sfx track without music
You can also hear some voices I did for the characters. 
Client: TheCreative.Net 
Concept & Direction: Outro Studio 
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Illustration & Animation: Outro Studio.



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