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    Dystopian fashion editorial for designer Dovile Visockaite. By photographer Imantas Selenis.
‘Gataka’ is a tribute to post-apocalyptic 'sci-fi' movies, that explore modern world issues like technocracy within society, unstoppable industrialisation, pollution, what lead people to moral decay and destruction of their physical surroundings. Mega-cities, globalisation, technology revolution and the Internet, these are only few factors that show growing importance of the artificial environment human beings have created during the past century. “The Future is Now!”. And it is hard to disagree with this popular slogan of our cybernetic era. Alike G. Melies movie “Le Voyage dans la Lune” (1902) predicted space travels, which in fact became the reality nowadays, modern 'sci-fi' movies possibly draw our near future as well.

‘Gataka’ is the model of anti-utopian city, which is the reflection of it’s creator – The Man. Sharp edges, massive concrete constructions, mazes and ideal symmetrical shapes of 'Gataka' reflect inner world of technocratic human being – cold, static, logical, maybe even soulless person.
The aim of this series is to express the idea about the end of the world as a moral decay of the man by using the symbols of a main character's merge with his brutal, artificial environment.
team > photo/art direction Imantas Selenis > designer Dovile Visockaite > model: Alama > assist: Deivydas Sutkaitis