One more for 2017: When titans collude! Great things happen... Vaughan Ling's spectacular use of color does a mighty fine job carrying the gorgeous lines of Pete Norris's closed twin boom spaceracecraft.
Swap between Pete Norris and Damon Moran is truly inspiring. Damon's epic nostalgic mashups and recreations are fantastic. Pete's 3D/2D render techniques applied to Damon's tight 2D linework really created something fantastic. 6 wheels is always better!
"Above, the finished 23rd Century Biplane concept, collaboration between Ian Galvin and myself. Always a great surprise to see the artistic choices made with color, graphics, lighting when you give someone a line drawing. I continue to be pleased and taken by surprise by these swaps!" -JF   
"Ah, this tight line drawing was done by Ian Galvin right before my epic Europe vacation, so it remained painfully unfinished until last weekend when I got in gear and started to render it up. Wild surfacing on the bike, contrasted by pure function of the hover trailer in resplendent stainless steel finish." -JF
"Whooooops! In the midst of my vacation, Damon's nostalgically liveried color-up of my retro-boat/space/plane thing got lost in my inbox when it should have been added here! Love the detail in the graphics and color scheme! . -JF

"Thanks to the magical mystery of lost inboxes, I discovered that Michal Kus requested a sketchswap like half a year ago! So we're getting it going's my linework for Michal do make into a brilliant color rendition!"  -JF
"Up next is the collaboration between Lorin Wood (lines), who I swapped sketches with in 2016, and Pete Norris, who again manages to seamlessly blend 3D modeling with 2D work to complete the Lorin lines in full rendered color. Fantastic." -JF

"Hawt 8/DM6708 sketchswap was done as a collaboration with Damon Moran, who sent me this tight line drawing. Damon is in the animation industry, so he brings extensive line quality chops to the game, but also is a gearhead extrordinaire and has that vehicle design knowledge that puts him on top of his game. Check out his work here: I seized upon this drawing as a perfect opportunity to implement a 1970s Matra race livery that I've wanted to do for a while." -JF
"Got two swap ships that looked like they belong in the same this one is going to be a lot of fun to render up. Big thanks to Dwayne Vance for the slingshot dragster inspired space rod clanging stabilizers with Pete Norris's radical spaceship with some brilliant surfacing ideas." -JF
"This ship comes from the distinctive style of Vaughan Ling, who traded with me last year (see the Great Sketch Swap of 2016) Pete Norris has taken Vaughan's line drawing and added rich volume and amazing depth with his color and rendering. Love the collaboration in the engine design and exectution, just look at those pipes!" -JF
"Pete Norris caught my attention back in 2015 through his spectacular Honda motocycle design in 3D, featured here on Behance. Pete gets this tidy future rod with questionable ingress/egress and sketchy high speed stability."   -JF
"Love the color and finish on this one. Really neat with these swaps to see how someone else interprets the finish of a design. I love this graphically more that what I had imagined! Lines: Frye Color: Norris. Check out Pete's work on Behance, especially the Honda chopper!" -JF
"This sketchswap design comes from Del Swanson, who gave me a couple of designs to choose from, and this one piqued my interest because of the mysterious asymmetrical design and big 'D' shape, which my sources indicated is alien anti-grav tech which found its way into this experimental 1950s U.S. Air Force flier. I'm really enjoying doing these, as when I render them up, I'm studying the surfacing and detailing that is unique to each designer. Del definitely has some lines on this that might just relate to some 1950s GM Autorama cars." -JF
"And the next two, my lines with Del's color. He's added some drama with a police drone chase and finished the chrome color combo just right!" -JF
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I challenged myself to do a bit of mech, called "Crotchdigger." Shawn Moghadam accepted the #sketchswap challenge and finished this rig with a mine-removal backstory and hardened metal finish!
The Great Sketch Swap of 2017 (Updated!)