Valentin Demarco | "Exilio"
Music production and post-production for the single "Exilio", by Valentín Demarco
Valentín Demarco is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work covers from goldsmith to visual arts. 
He asked us to join him in his reaggeton performance. He already had the musical idea of "Exilio" in his mind and came to us with a simple demo; vocals and beat only, so our task was to continue with the development of the idea and bring that music to life.
Side by side we developed the musical concept of "Exilio" highlighting the distinctive beats of dance music worldwide. We re-arrenged Valentín's original demos, suggested break-ups and came up with new verses and a smooth chorus. To make the song unique we collected influences from ancient latin american music to show where Valentín comes from. When it was time to reach a professional sound quality level we got into our own studio to record the rhythm sections and melody detalis. Then Valentín joined us for a single four-hour recording session in which he developed his lead vocals for the whole song. A female vocal was later recorded and placed over the end of the middle eight section. 
Once te recording was done, we settled in the studio once again to provide the perfect mix. Having the chance to record and mix in our own studio was the key to an inmediate and effective work in order to match the requirements of the artist. Only the mastering was done in another studio by Daniel Osorio, a professional we all admire and respect.

Having the music done, we teamed up with design studio Los Caballos who developed the new image the artist was looking for in this moment of his career. Valentín also hired director Luis Sens to shoot the music video for the song.

The result was a new approach on latin american dance music which left us all still dancing.
Music credits:

Recording and mixing engineers: Tomás Elizalde & Mariano Méndez
Mastering: Daniel Osorio
Production chiefs: Sebastián Fuks & Francisco Muschietti
Production assitant: Javier Eyman

Music video credits:

Direction: Valentín Demarco y Luis Sens
Production chief: Santiago Guidi
Direction of photography: Luis Sens
Original idea: Valentín Demarco
Production assistant: Lucas Gallo
Gaffer: Sandra Grossi
Lights: Carolina Rolandi
Electrician: Braian Brown
Musical production: Puerto
Mounting: Joaquín Aras
Make up: Victoria Demarco
Performers: Nayla Altieri, Celeste Gómez Machado, Julieta Rosell

© 2016 Puerto
Valentin Demarco | "Exilio"

Valentin Demarco | "Exilio"

Music production and post-production for the single "Exilio", by Valentín Demarco.