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    Frankfurt City show her talents to you !
Serving thru the sky...
The dark side of the thang...
Made from kitchen tiles!
Frankfurt Studios Inc. Thanks for the windows as spotlight !
I am cool huh ? 
Im taller than you huh ? 
Wavy waves....
What we're doin here bro ? 
Let's give a chance for modernism ! 
Submarine landed on the pavers!
Chase 'em all ! 
Must be collabrated via different architects!
I've got money in the bank!
I've got your money in my bank :)!
Prison in the sky ! 
Route der Industriekultur.
Simple but glomorous!
I said simple ! Wait ! Wait ! Not that much ! 
You tricky sculpture ! I moved around 2 times in a row ! 
Awesome bikeplatz!
Sharp change of style huh ? 
Come from another planet! 
Urban prison ! 
I swear that architect inspired from Hamburg Hafen City ! 
Cool urban structure!
Cut the silooo ! 
Germans love gray and beige which compared with white ! Always ! 
Used to be cleaning the river fundaments...
Triangle , curves , squares , rectangles ... Who doesn't want more ? 
Silos , silos everywhere ! 
Lucky guy... 
Take me in ! 
Zaha ? 
I am organic ! 
Me either ! 
Me either dude ! 
Yes , you are organic  ! 
Fake thru the sky ! 
Even higher than rocket ! 
I say contrast ! Whatcha say ? 
Coneeee ! 
Wow.Just wow! 
Elegant changes!
Is it a rocket ? 
He is so shy that hiding his windows...
Time machine ! 
Clouds make me feel good..
Do not touch it , can be cut ! 
Just bunch of profiles...