Palm Pilot
Product Design & Branding • 2016
As part of my A2 Graphics coursework, I designed and built a vinyl box set for an indie rock band. The product’s visual themes were based around the band’s own description of their sound, “puzzle pop”.
Palm Pilot are a New York City-based indie/psychedelic rock band. I decided to rebrand their debut album PLM PLT because of its unique sound that mixes more ambient, ethereal instrumentation with the calculated, precise sound of math rock. It was very interesting to design a visual counterpart to the music.

I began generating some ideas around the term “puzzle pop” by rendering various arrangements of geometric shapes. I also took the ambient side of their sound and came up with some flowing, psychedelic patterns.
At this stage I was attempting to mix the 2D side of graphic design with the third dimension of the physical product. For example, in the above image you can see I had the idea of two layers of different styles of shapes and lines, and overlapping them with different materials on the box set.

I always like to mix different mediums of art and design, interpreting the ideas in each to another product. This project was the perfect intersection between not only audio and visual content, but also graphic art and 3D product design.

I produced my strongest idea into an album cover. Below you can see different colour schemes I tried out. I ended up going with the indigo and red scheme as that what seemed to reflect the music most.
As part of the box set I also designed a lyric booklet that would follow the visual style presented in the album cover. The shapes continue, but I let them free rather than confining them to the grid layout. The designs turned out really well when combined with the bold colours and the geometric type.
The physical container is made from plywood, with clear acrylic walls. I used an alternating laser-cut pattern as a hinge on the plywood, so the container opens up like a book. This idea simply came from a drive to create something a bit different.

Finally I wanted to continue the shape grid from the album cover onto the exterior, so I hand-cut coloured vinyl adhesive into the shapes and arranged them into a grid.
This project was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot from it. I’ve always wanted to design visuals for music and PLM PLT was a perfect foundation to complete that desire.