Wine Clubs: The Best Wine Clubs
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If you are a wine lover looking to join a wine club then we have the best ones listed for you. Remember, there are few cardinal sins you can commit while joining a wine club. These sins include choosing a club that asks for long term commitment, a club that hides shipping prices from its customers due to which you end up paying much more than you expected and clubs that promote brands that have nothing to do with wines. When it comes to wine clubs then there is a difference between a club and the best wine clubs.
Some Select: A wine clubs that is definitely worth a shot.

This club was started in 2014 and they began by sending wine offers in the form of daily e-mails. The initial offer was an instant hit and wine lovers kept asking them for more of the same. With time the club became more famous and there offers were regarded as some of the best in the market. The best part about this club is the fact that you can decide to opt out from it at any given time. This is another reason that drives the club to serve the best wine and create the best offers.

The Michael Mina Wine Club:
This club was started by a Michelin starred chef and the person choosing the wines is a well known sommelier Mr. Rajat Parr. He is the director of wine in the group and together they make for a deadly combination. They offer two options with six bottles of wine and all of their shipments are delivered with the best food recipes created in their hotel. The club is a classy one and is in partnership with the Global Wine co. which also boasts of its own club.

Le Metro: The club to join if you are from San Diego.
This club is based in San Diego and they claim to popularise wines that do not enjoy the right kind of popularity although they seem to be quite good. The club offers six bottle collections every month at a price of $ 175 each month. The collections are designed based on themes and you will surely love their surprises.

Wine clubs can bring a welcome change to the regular wines you may have been drinking for a long period of time. They are definitely worth a shot.