Emug Ice cream - Rebranding

Ice creams brings together happiness, family, friends, love, hope and a lot more with it. It is this one common aspect that we all share and cherish and keeps us going. Emug compliments every person of this common group. Emug ice creams brought a new face to the old with a rich taste. 

Emug ice creams is managed and moved forward by expertise people in the industry. With the good quality of ice creams the brand offered to its customers, they still needed a makeover as they were eyeing new markets across two states.

We have taken every opportunity to give a new energy to Emug through colours and design for a unique identity.

We have been working on this project for 5months, thereby understanding their style of working as well as sharing of thoughts and thus producing life to Emug ice creams in the real world.

Emug Ice cream - Rebranding