Unpublished Pitch for Pringles SA 2016
Develop a digital marketing campaign for Pringles South Africa that will position the brand in the minds of the target audience, increase market share and drive consumers down a path-to-purchase, in order to grow the brand by 20% by the end of 2017.
The primary target audience is “First Jobbers”, LSM 8 - 10 that are affluent to middle-affluent.
The bulls-eye age bracket is 22 – 24 year olds who are most likely open to purchasing Pringles.
Get young South African consumers to purchase Pringles and make the brand part of their fun, spontaneous lifestyles.
Our audience loves photo filters as a quick and fun way to enhance their photos.
So created our own photo filters using something that’s unique to our product – the Pringles can’s transparent lid. By applying stickers to the lids, we’ll create a collectible series of Flavour Filters that people can use to stack their photos with flavour.
Along with our Flavour Filters, we‘ll launch our year by teaming up with a local band to commission a track that embodies the spirit of our campaign. This won’t be a ‘Pringles Jingle’, but an authentic track that will be associated with Pringles throughout our campaign, without feeling like a piece of advertising.

We‘ll then create a music video that tells the story of a day stacked with flavour – conveying our Stack Your Day With Flavour message by combining live-action footage with animated elements that represent Pringles adding flavour to your day.
With a stripped-down, jump-right-in version of popular music creation programs, we’ll create a web interface where people can stack musical elements to remix our (by now) popular Pringles track – putting the power of making music right in their hands! Different musical elements will be provided by the original artist plus respected local musos.
Users can unlock extra elements by holding up a Flavour Filter to their webcam.
South Africa is a sports-mad nation and in the winter months we turn to national sport, pastime and almost-religion: rugby.
The season is packed with rugby at all levels of competition - provincial, club and international – with every clash sparking a passionate exchange of opinions and general banter on social media.
September is Heritage Month – a celebration of South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, which pivots around Heritage Day on 24 September. Heritage Day is also referred to as National Braai Day, highlighting our nation‘s love for a BBQ.
Tapping into the celebratory mood of the country at this time, we want to entrench the Pringles brand into our cultural identity by aligning it to our dearest national treasure: our music.
Thoughout the month, we’ll invite fans to help us create the ultimate South African music playlist wherever their Heritage Month celebrations might take them – the rugby-and-braai playlist, the chilling-by-the-pool-playlist, the picnic-in-the-park playlist – and to share them on popular social media platforms, once again filling the online conversation with user-generated content that taps into existing behaviours.
Pringles People measure life by experiences.

So we’re giving them the opportunity to stack their perfect experience from a selection of essential ingredients – friends, music, exclusive events and flavours – for a chance to win not only a money-can‘t-buy experience with Pringles but also a Harley Davidson!

The interaction for One Stacked Day lives on a socially-integrated web interface, which allows users to literally stack all these ingredients on top of each other – their friends receiving ‘invites’ once the user confirms their selection and allowing for online and social sharing of the content.
South Africa comes into its own in the December holidays, which offers a perfect combination of mid-summer sun, natural beauty in full bloom and free time in which to enjoy it all.
Our social content AND game apps will kick into holiday mode over this time as we set out to keep Pringles top of mind and earn our keep on the holiday snack list.

Pringles SA - 360 Digital Launch Campaign

Pringles SA - 360 Digital Launch Campaign

A fully integrated, 360 digital & TTL campaign created for a complete brand re-launch and re-positioning.

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