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    SYSTEM, a neon light installation art. SYSEM = Trust worthy?
System by Rojo FUTURO, White neon light on white wood panel, 70cm x 100cm, 2012 
with be exhibited The Black Store Presents: WoM
at Red Elation Gallery

system= trustworthy?
We are all living in different kinds of system; there is certain extent of systems in different institutions.
We cannot avoid them but embrace them. Even we may sense there is something wrong with that system,
we still need to adapt into it. It just likes blending the blackness into the absolutely “correct” framework.
The artist has shown the contraction in this installation by using white neon-light and canvas to present the “black”.
來自西班牙的藝術家 Rojo FUTURO,他的成名作品《制度》(System) 用白色霓虹光管製作裝置藝術作品,諷刺我們的社會制度是依賴洗腦式指「黑」為「白」的教育及人傳人層壓式傳播才得以彰顯,藝術家認為這件作品能夠應用於世界各地的政治及教育體系,對於香港將推行的國民教育更有很深的感受, 經多番交流後認為與是次展覽主題—以「口碑」洗腦不謀而合, 故此借出這件獲獎無數的傑作為我們的主題展品。