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    Simplo Soft is a moderately rounded geometric sans serif typeface.
Simplo Soft™
Designed by Ben Blom in 2012
Simplo Soft is the soft companion of Simplo. In Simplo Soft, Simplo’s original sharp geometrics have been tempered by the moderate rounding of the edges of its characters — creating a softer and friendlier geometric typeface.

Simplo Soft is ideal for use in display sizes. It is also quite legible in text, and is well suited for graphic design and corporate identity design. Simplo Soft has sixteen styles, extensive language support, eight different kinds of figures, sophisticated OpenType features — so it’s ready for advanced typographic projects.

A Simplo Soft demo font can be downloaded for free. See below.

A Simplo Soft demo font (containing only capitals) can be downloaded for free.