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    Lunar Rover concept for the Puli Space Technologies -Google Lunar Xprize- in cooperation with Alberto Vasquez, Csaba Kálmán, Lajos Juhász

About the Google Lunar X Prize and Puli Space Technologies

The goal of the competition called Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) is to give inspiration for developing new technologies on the field of space research. The grand prize will be won by the team - financed by private equity - which can first accomplish the given criteria that is to send a spacecraft to the Moon until 2014. 26 out of 33 participants are still in the competition in the project also known as Moon 2.0. One of them is the Hungarian Puli Space Technologies.

Puli Space Technologies came to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design to organize a 5-day-workshop to design a Lunar Rover. The aim of the workshop was to help the Puli Space Team's work at the competition with finding new solutions and ideas for the spacecraft that will be sent to the Moon.
A 3-wheel-construction was created during the designing. With this construction we wanted to place the wheels as far as possible from the box containing the cameras and the instruments. Hence we have a relatively big spread and the Lunar Rover will be more stable underway. At the same time we tried to lift the whole structure as high as possible from surface to prevent the solar panels and the instruments from the ascending dust. The other advantage of the construction is the adjustable height of the rover which is possible with pulling together or releasing its legs. Therefore when small stones and swells come across underway, it can change to standing position, so the obstacles can fit between the legs and there is no need to bypass them. Moreover, this helps in case of panorama pictures, giving extra height to the camera in standing position. The adjustment of the control and the spread work with the sedentary rotation of the wheels, depicted in the picture.
At the end, this is a Stereoscopic 3D picture of our Lunar rover concept.