The Problem:
Slack is an excellent communication platform for teams and organizations to manage projects, share ideas, and get things done.  At present, however, it lacks the functionality for teams to track or visualize their progress towards shared goals and deliverables from within the application.  Services like Trello have a limited integration with Slack that allow users to update their digital “scrum” boards with text commands, but such solutions still necessitate a transition between applications that reduces efficiency and slows productivity.

The Solution:
An integrated, easy-to-use scrum feature for Slack.  With text commands, users can quickly generate and update a to-do list specific to each channel in their team, and track progress towards deliverables without having to message one another.  View any channels scrum board by simply typing “/todo [#channelname]” and add tasks to your channel’s board with “/todo +taskname”.  To update the status of an individual task, just type “/todo taskname >inprogress” or “>done” and any board with that task will be updated.
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