Batelco/ "Unlimited Talk-Time" Campaign
This is an advertising campaign promoting the new Batelco prepaid SimSim Card that offers unlimited Talk time. Thanks to the Amit and his team over at FP7 in sunny Bahrain for the trust and easy going, it was fun working with you guys.
Before the final look was decided the campagin went through a few shading options...
By the way this guy is inspired by my english teacher (Herr Schirmer) in school- a more photorealistic visualization than you might think
As every 2nd cop in the western world is named Kowalski in the end I had to change to the eastern Version of Kowalski... 
Client: Batelco
Illustrator: Mark Gmehling
Advertising Agency: FP7 Bahrain
Creative Director: Amit Kapoor
Art Director: Rodrigo Gorosito, John Fayek
Copywriter: Amit Kapoor
Studio Manager: Mohammed Ismail

Thanks for looking guys!