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Karl, Karl, Karl.
The iconic Karl Lagerfeld's figure, designer for Fendi since 1965, has been reinterpreted leading to a complete capsule collection.
Big black glasses, ultrawhite mane, shirt, black tie and a deluge of metal studs,
mixed with dynamism of circle and strictness of line,
dressed with black and white iconic punk themes, juiced up by a massive dose of irony.

We present:
Client: FENDI Roma
Produced, directed & animated by: Happycentro in Verona – Italy
Set & props design: Federico Padovani, Anna Rodighiero
3D Animation: Giulia Tonon
DOP: Federico Padovani
Hands by: Anna Rodighiero
Editing, compositing & sound design: Federico Galvani
Music: Dirtbox by David O'Brien