Luke Ryan's Portfolio
Luke Ryan's work is an exploration into both character and stereotype, drawing influence from the meticulous process involved with Japanese animation and the visual styles of the American traditionalists during the "Golden Era" of illustration. On the surface, his work presents a world laced with subtle pop culture references exploring a crass and playful society.The works often present rotund and elastic thin characters bending and interacting with an energetic force. The characters are frequently embellished with various symbols. The symbols divide the reality in which the characters are presented in and imply an internal dialogue, one spurred on by the characters themselves. The geometric perfection of the symbols also suggest the super real and the "un-realism" of a digital age. But simultaneously, the florid and methodical detail in his work in contrast to the hyper "un-realism" of the characters, presents a contradiction. A contradiction that subverts any comedic or superficial pretence and searches for deeper desire to escape common social boundaries.